22 of Demi Lovato’s Greatest Accomplishments

Posted by Nadine Segal • August 20, 2014 at 02:21 PM
Demi Lovato signing guitar

Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Happy Birthday! Demi Lovato is turning 22 today. Though she is young, Demi has accomplished a lot and overcome much adversary in the last 22 years.

Here is our list of 22 things Demi can be proud of this year:

22. Demi landed her first TV role at 10 years old, on the TV show Barney & Friends.

21. She became a Disney Channel Star, on shows like As the Bell Rings and Sonny with a Chance.

20. Her first album made it to Number 2 on the Billboard Charts.

19. Demi used her struggles to try and help others. Demi was outspoken about her trouble with her eating disorder and mental illness in an effort to inspire others suffering.

18. Demi had guest appearances on hit TV shows like Prison Break and Just Jordan, before she became a pop star.

17. She created the Lovato Treatment Scholarship Program to help mentally ill patients pay for treatment.

16. She starred in the made for TV move Camp Rock, the movie premiered with 8.9 million viewers.

15. In 2011, she guest starred on Grey’s Anatomy and won Favorite TV Guest Star at the People’s Choice Awards for it.

14. Her video for “Skyscraper” won Best Video With a Message at the 2012 VMA’s.

13. She appeared on the hit musical TV show Glee.

12. Along with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and The Jonas Brothers, she recorded “Send It Up” a charity song to benefit environmental organizations.

11. She was a judge on hit show The X Factor.

10. Over the years Demi has won 12 Teen Choice Awards.

9. She had a number 1 album with her second album Here We Go Again.

8. Unlike many other young pop stars, she writes a lot of her own music.

7. She has made it onto Maxim’s “Hot 100″ and FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women”.

6. Demi has many causes she supports, she was the spokesman for the organization PACER which fights bullying.

5. In 2012 she won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Pop Artist.

4. In addition to singing, Demi can play the guitar, piano and the drums.

3. She is currently out on her 4th headlining tour, Demi World Tour.

2. Demi has sold more than 8 million albums.

1. She has a dedicated fan group who call themselves “Lovatics”; even they have won awards including MTV’s “Last Fan Standing” contest in 2012.

We are sure we will see a lot more from Demi in the coming year. We hope she takes a break to celebrate today.

You can celebrate with her by listening to all your Demi Lovato songs on Tour Music.

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Learning to Cook Online

Posted by Nadine Segal • August 20, 2014 at 02:21 PM

Woman with laptop in kitchen

We pay our bills online and look for love online, we even go grocery shopping online, so why not learn to cook online.

Looking at complicated recipes can be daunting, especially if you don’t have experience in the kitchen, but even beginners can find great recipes online.

If you want to try something new, below are some perfect sites for beginners:


The Kitchn is a great place to get started. The website offers tons of easy to follow recipes. There How-To section is particularly useful for learning the basics like to properly boil an egg. There recipes are always well explained and never assume that you know any cooking terms or techniques.


One of the most popular cooking websites out there, Epicurious offers recipes for nearly everything. They have a section on their site dedicated to Quick & Easy Recipes. This is a great place to find recipes that have few ingredients and don’t take too much effort or expertise.


Sometimes it is easier to watch and learn, for that there is YouTube. Now a days you can find a video on YouTube to demonstrate everything from tying a tie to defeating a video game. There are so many different types of cooking videos on YouTube, you can learn to do nearly anything. If you are looking for inspiration there are some really fun cooking channels, like The Simple Cooking Channel.


If you are confused about some basic cooking terms, Lifehacker is there to explain some of the most frequently misunderstood terms.

There are of course tons of recipes and tips available for learning more advanced cooking skills.

Finding and sharing all types of recipes is easier than ever. Users on social media often share photos of their culinary accomplishments along with the recipes.

Torch users can share recipes (along with anything else online) with just one click, using Torch’s Share button.

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

What You Should Learn From Madonna

Posted by Nadine Segal • August 12, 2014 at 01:51 PM

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

So maybe the Material Girl hasn’t always been the perfect role model, but hey, who is? Besides there is plenty to learn from Madonna, who is celebrating her 56th birthday.

Here are a few of the greatest lessons you can learn:

Have fun with fashion – Throughout her career Madonna has always had fun with fashion, from cone bras to latex jumpsuits, nothing was ever off limits. Maybe you don’t need to be as risky as Madonna, but you can certainly grow bolder and have fun with your fashion choices.

Push the envelope – Madonna has always embraced the taboo. She takes risks and keeps everyone talking. Now, you don’t have to go kissing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in a mock wedding ceremony but that doesn’t mean you can’t release your inner rebel now and then.

Take a stand for what you believe in – Madonna has championed many causes and used her celebrity to draw attention to important issues. From gay rights to educating young girls, Madonna takes a stand for what is important to her. You may not get as much press as Madonna but you can always lend your support to the causes that are close to your heart.

You can always reinvent yourself – Madonna is undoubtedly the queen of reinventing herself. While we may not need such drastic measures in our own lives, sometimes it is important to say feel free to change.

Age is just a number – Madonna may be turning 56, but you’d never know it. Aside from looking younger, she hasn’t let age slow her down. Whether you are 19 or 90, remember your age doesn’t have to hold you back.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself – Not everyone gets along with Madge and she is sure to say something if she disagrees with anyone. You may not have the chance to disagree with a celebrity but you can still be brave and say what you feel. If you need some inspiration, try “Express Yourself” on repeat.

For more lessons, have a listen to Madonna’s greatest hits on Torch Music and see if you can find any pearls of wisdom.


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I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Can’t Make It To The Show? See Your Favorite Band Online

Posted by Nadine Segal • August 11, 2014 at 02:05 PM

Listening to music on laptop

We are halfway through the summer which means we are halfway through the summer concert season.

For The Big Acts

There are so many huge acts on tour this summer, it is hard to get to everything you want to see. If you didn’t get the chance to see your favorite artist this year, you can at least catch the show online.

Here are the best sites for doing just that:


Searching your favorite band name on Youtube, you are sure to find multiple videos of performances, but sometimes they are hard to find because there are so many videos to look through. There are certain pages that help you find live performances that are on video hosting sites like Youtube. For instance, check out this Pintrest page with links to videos of shows.


At Evergig you can watch performances from the hottest concerts out there. Unfortunately, a lot of the videos seem to be shot from excited smartphone holders and are pretty low quality.

For Watching New Bands Perform

Music festivals are a great way to try discover new artists. Do you enjoy hearing a band you haven’t heard before, play live? You can still find out about great new bands from their performances, without going to the show.

Here are some sites with great performances of lesser known artists:


IROCKE allows users to watch shows live, so you can really feel part of the action. See what is on and start watching maybe you will find something you’ll love.


Livestream streams all different kinds of events, from sports or news but they also offer some great concerts.

Best Sites for Watching Older Shows

Sometimes you miss important musical moments.

If you wish you could go back in music history, you can with sites like:


Concert Vault offers an extensive collection of classic concert moments, offering audio and/or video. Whether you want to listen to an Elvis Presley performance or Jethro Tull, you can find it here.

Whatever you watch or listen to online, you can do more with Torch Browser.

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Torch Music Chart for July 2014

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 31, 2014 at 01:56 PM
Shakira performing

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Summer is in full swing. Want to see what Torch music users have been listening to this summer?

Check out which of your favorite artists made it to the top and who couldn’t quite get there.

This month the top 4 spots were held by 2 artists. Think you know who they are? Keep reading to find out.

#20 All of Me – John Legend – This is John Legend’s first time on the Torch Music Chart with his romantic ballad “All of me”.

#19 Story of My Life – One Direction – “Story of My Life” has been bouncing around the top 20 for quite some time. It fell 3 spots from last month.

#18 Cut Me Deep – Shakira – Shakira holds 5 spots on the Torch Music Chart this month, a new record.  Here is her latest addition “Cut Me Deep”.

#17 Boyfriend – Justin Bieber – Looks like some Beliebers have been missing some earlier Bieber, maybe missing a simpler time.

#16 You Don’t Care About Me – Shakira – Aside from adding another hit to the chart, Shakira’s “You Don’t Care About Me” moved up 4 spots from June’s chart.

#15 Best Song Ever – One Direction – After being noticeably absent from last month’s top 20, “The Best Song Ever” is back on the chart.

#14 Counting Stars – One Republic – “Counting Stars” was down two spots from the last music chart.

#13 Trumpets – Jason Derulo - “Trumpets” moved up one spot from last month but there is still more Jason Derulo later on.

#12 Heart Attack – Demi Lovato – Demi seems to be slowly slipping down the chart, last month she was at number 11 and number 8 before that.

#11 Problem – Ariana Grande - “Problem” is down one spot from June’s chart.

#10 Loved Me Back to Life – Celine Dion - “Loved Me Back to Life” is also down a spot, but still in the top 10.

#9 Empire – Shakira – “Empire” is the only Shakira song to move down the chart this month, luckily it only dropped one spot.

#8 Cry – Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey definitely knows how to make an entrance, “Cry” entered the chart this month and went straight into the top 10.

#7 Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson – Slipping ever so slightly, “Love Never Felt So Good” was down just one place from the last two months, when it held the number 6 spot.

#6 Roar – Katy Perry – Once the queen of the Torch Music Chart, Katy Perry was up one spot from number 7.

#5 Happy – Pharrell Williams – Pharrell’s “Happy” moved down two spots since June.

#4 Wiggle – Jason Derulo – “Wiggle” moved up a spot, but that isn’t all for Jason Derulo this month.

#3 Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo – “Talk Dirty” also moved up a spot.

#2 Dare (La La La) – Shakira – Shakira held onto the number 2 spot with “Dare (La La La)”.

#1 Can’t Remember to Forget You – Shakira – To top it off she is once again on the top of the chart.

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I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Reasons You Should Be Using Reverse Image Search

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 29, 2014 at 02:06 PM

Images on computer

Reverse image searching is a great tool. Torch Browser’s Drag & Drop feature makes it super easy. By simply clicking on am image and dragging it to the “Image Search” tile, you can see the results on images immediately.

Why would you want to perform a search of an image?  Well there are plenty of situations where reverse image search can really come in handy. Here are a few:

I Really Want One of Those

Ever see a picture of a product and think “I want one.” Usually you can just Google the name, but if you don’t know the brand name, finding that specific product might be tricky. If you image search the product picture, you will often find websites selling that product, or at least the brand name to look up.

What is That?

Have you seen a picture of a beautiful flower or a terrifying insect and think “what is that?” With reverse image search you can usually find the answer in seconds.

Tropical Paradise

Where is That?

You are browsing the web and see a photo of the perfect tropical paradise and you want to get there at all costs. You are ready to book your flight, if only you knew where it was. Reverse image search may not be able to help you fund a last minute trip halfway around the world but it can help you find out where it is you want to be. Just reverse image search the photo you found and you can discover just where it is. It also works for photos of buildings or landmarks.

Suspect Photoshop

If you often look at photos online and think “that just can’t be real” you can now prove it. Reverse image searching a photo will often help you find the original image, before it was manipulated.

Who Took It?

Looking to give credit where credit is due? Reverse image search can help you find the photographer behind a certain image so you can properly credit him or her.

Beautiful woman

The Too Good To Be True Profile Pic

If you are looking for love online and think that a certain someone’s profile picture is just a little too good to be true, don’t worry just reverse image search and you can usually see if the person is pretending to be someone else. If their photo shows up online as a fashion model or star athlete, you may want to find someone new.

Remember the easiest way to use reverse image search is with Torch Browser. If you aren’t using Torch, download it now to see what you are missing out on.

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Mick Jagger Has Still Got It

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 24, 2014 at 02:09 PM
Mick Jagger

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Mick Jagger is famous for his music, his voice, his style, and of course his moves. He has spent the last 50 years as one of the most well known front men of one of the most popular rock bands of all time, the Rolling Stones.

Jagger is turning 71 this year, which is pretty hard to believe considering how awesome he looks and moves.

Once known as the typical rock-star bad boy, Mick had a reputation for living life on the wild side, and while he may have calmed down over the years he is still rockin’ and still relevant.

Jagger and the Stones are still touring, they just toured Europe on their On Fire tour and are heading to Australia and New Zealand in the fall. The tour has been a huge success selling out stadiums across the globe.

Mick has managed to still relevant all these years. He is the role model for rockers everywhere. Pop star Kesha references Jagger in her song “Tik Tok” singing that they will kick the boys to the curb “unless they look like Mick Jagger”, and Maroon 5 had a hit song entitled “Moves Like Jagger”. The video features people trying to imitate Jagger’s iconic dance style, along with footage of Jagger himself.

If you want to listen to some great Music by Jagger you can listen Mick Jagger on Torch Music and the Rolling Stones on Torch Music.

Make sure to dance around the room, just like Mick.


Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Looking for That Special Someone Online

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 24, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Woman with laptop

Online dating is nothing new. For years people have used the internet to find love online. Over time the trend lost stigma, once small websites turned into huge companies with billboards and TV commercials. If you are looking for that special someone online, here are some of your best options out there:

Warning: You will only find classy options here. If that isn’t what you are looking for, sorry but you’ll have to look elsewhere…

If you are looking for larger websites that have all different kinds of people on them, you can try one of these super successful websites.

Match.com – Match.com is a huge dating website, really it is enormous, so if you are looking for a lot of people to choose from match.com is definitely worth a shot. They also claim to have made more successful matches than any other dating site out there.

eHarmony.com – eHarmony boasts a particle system that they use to pair potential couples.  Based on things like character and values which the site believes are the best indicators for compatibility.

Lovestruck.com - Many singles complain that it is hard to fit dating into their busy schedules. Lovestruck helps those who are looking for someone located nearby so you can meet up close to home or work. Love could be right around the corner.

Those are of course only a few of the many.

Some people are looking for someone who shares a certain interest, or value or background. This is where the niche sites come in. You can find a dating site for nearly every kind of niche out there, so if you just can’t see yourself who doesn’t share your dedication to the environment or your love of art, fear not there is a dating site out there for you.

I wonder if there is a website out there to help you find someone who shares your taste in web browsers?

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Weird Al Releases 8 Crazy Videos in 8 Days

Posted by Brooke Ashley • July 17, 2014 at 02:21 PM
Weird Al

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

For every hit music video, comes at least a dozen parodies for our viewing, and laughing, pleasure. Following last year’s summer hits of  ”Blurred Lines” and “Wrecking Ball“, the parodies did not stop. One of the original, and most well known parody artists, Weird Al Yankovic has set the standard high, and many musicians believe they’ve hit it big when one of their songs inspires a parody by him. This week Weird Al released his latest album along with eight new music videos.

After laying low for a few years after the success of  ”Alpocalypse” in 2011,  Weird Al announced that he had one album left while on his current contract. He released his fourteenth studio album this week, “Mandatory Fun” and along with it, is releasing new music videos. He decided to take a page out of  Beyoncé’s book of surprises, and release a new video everyday for eight days. The King of Parody made sure all of his bases were covered starting with “Tacky” a parody of Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy“, which only three days after being released has over 500,000 views. Yankovic doesn’t just create a song and video though, he has guest appearances from celebrities including Jack Black, Eric Stonestreet, and Aisha Tyler.

Since the first premiere, his take on “Blurred Lines”, is “Word Crimes”, where Yankovic takes a hit at people’s -lack of-grammar and spelling. The third video to be released, was “Foil” a parody of Lorde’s “Royals”, a song praising the magic of aluminum foil. We have a feeling he wanted to write a parody for Lorde, since the two do have strikingly similar hair.

The next videos will be released everyday at 11 AM eastern.  Listen to Weird Al’s Discography and all of your favorite parodies songs with Torch Music.

What’s your favorite parody video?


Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day Online

Posted by Nadine Segal • July 17, 2014 at 01:16 PM
Nelson Mandela

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Nelson Mandela was one of the most inspiring leaders of all time. He was the embodiment of peace and progress and his legacy continues to inspire change in the world.

One way which his legacy continues is through Nelson Mandela Day. The day which was first celebrated by the United Nations in 2010, is held on Mandela’s birthday, July 18th.

Nelson Mandela dedicated himself to public service and Nelson Mandela Day hopes to encourage people around the world to carry on that message.

What can you do to take part in Nelson Mandela Day?

For starters, I would suggest on educating yourself on Mandela’s history and the values he so selflessly dedicated his life to. There are many excellent resources online, like the website for The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

After reading about his legacy, you can find an something meaningful to do that day to help keep his incredible message alive.

Aside from taking this day and doing something to help others, you can also help spread the word about Nelson Mandela Day.

With social media, your message has an opportunity to reach many people out there who may not be familiar with this worthy cause.

Post on your favorite social networks about Mandela Day with the hashtags #MANDELADAY & #TIME2SERVE.

Users who browse with Torch Browser can easily share all of the posts they find about Mandela Day with their friends by clicking the “Share” button in the top right corner of your browser window.

What will you do to take part in Mandela Day?


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I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.