April Fools!

Posted by Nadine Segal • March 31, 2016 at 05:47 AM


Don’t believe everything you read online today!

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The End of an Era – Windows XP and Vista

Posted by Nadine Segal • January 27, 2016 at 10:49 AM

The End

After 12 years of operation, Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on both Windows XP and Vista. As the systems aged they have become more prone to being infected by both viruses and malicious malware.

As such, as of April 2016, we will no longer be providing updates for Torch Browser on the operating system XP and Vista. We fully recommend upgrading your computer to a newer operating system, so that we can provide you with the best and most secure experience possible.

We will continue updating and supporting the operating systems Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Have You Tried the New Torch Torrent?

Posted by Nadine Segal • January 20, 2015 at 12:39 PM

Torch Torrent

If you haven’t used Torch Torrent lately, you are missing out on some exciting changes we made for you.

Torch Torrent has been completely redesigned and we have done it all with our users in mind.

We have a great new design that not only makes Torch Torrent look better, but it also makes it easier to use.

The new design prominently displays the “Play” button on the file image. Clicking it will allow you to play the torrent as soon as it is ready to be streamed, even before the torrent has completely downloaded.

We have made it easier for you to see the progress of your torrents. The progress bar now changes colors to indicate the status of the torrent. When the torrent is downloading the progress bar will turn green, when it is paused it will turn yellow and when it is seeding it will turn blue.

If you want to view the details of a specific torrent, you simply click on the “i” icon and that details for that torrent will open.

One of the most useful improvements to Torch Torrent is the new Search. We have added a helpful Search bar at the very top of Torch Torrent, with it you can search the web for torrents.

Let us know what you think of the new Torch Torrent in the comments below.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

The Best of 2014

Posted by Nadine Segal • December 31, 2014 at 12:51 PM

Best of 2014

2014 was an exciting year for music here at Torch Music. Users showed their love for their favorite song by listening to them, sometimes over and over. If you are wondering what the most listened to songs on Torch Music were this year, look no further…

Starting out of Top 10 of 2014 is the appropriately titled Ariana Grande song “Intro“. Welcome to the best of 2014.

For Jason Derulo’s first appearance on the chart, his hit song “Wiggle” made it up to #9.

One Direction stole the #8 spot on the Top Ten Chart with “Steal My Girl“.

Shakira dared to top the charts again and again this year; “Dare (La La La)” was the #7 song of the year.

One of the biggest break out artists this year was Ariana Grande who’s song “Problem” came in at #6. The young singer has already been compared to the likes of Mariah Carey. “Problem” features another breakout artist, Iggy Azalea.

Celine Dion was back on the charts this year with “Loved Me Back to Life” which came in at #5.

Jason Derulo had not one but two top song in 2014. “Talk Dirty” was the #4 song on Torch Music this year.

Taylor Swift finished out 2014 with the amazing sucess of her latest album 1989.  Her hit single “Blank Space” managed to make it to the #3 song on Torch Music in 2014, even though it was only released a month ago.

In case you missed it (and we don’t know how you could have) this was the year of the backside. From J.Lo to Iggy Azalea to Nicki Minaj, everyone who was anyone was singing about their booty. Torch Music listeners could not get enough of Nicki Minaj’s tribute to the rear-end with her video “Anaconda” which was the #2 song of the year.

This year Shakira made sure she would be forgotten thus year, she had hit after hit on Torch Music including “Can’t Remember to Forget You” which was the #1 song of 2014. As an extra treat the song and video feature Rihanna.

We hope that you all enjoyed the music of 2014 and look forward to more in 2015.

If you want to hear all the songs from the “Best of 2014″ – check out the playlist.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Planning Your Vacation Online

Posted by Nadine Segal • November 27, 2014 at 10:45 AM

Planning a Vacation Online

You have been working hard all year and you definitely deserve a break. Maybe you want to get away somewhere warm where you can lay on a tropical beach or maybe you are more interested in an action packed ski trip. Whatever kind of vacation you are dreaming of, you can plan your perfect trip online.

Making travel arrangements online can definitely save you a lot of money, but it can also be a lot of work. Using the right tools can save you a lot of time and still make sure you are getting the best deal possible. There are many great websites that can offer you reviews and insights from other tourists as well as locals to make sure you have the best stay possible.

Finding you Transportation for Less

If you want to compare prices with minimum effort you can use comparison sites like Kayak.com and Orbitz.com. Make sure to pay attention to whether or not the prices displayed include the taxes. Also note if the prices are per person for all passengers if you are looking for multiple tickets.

Finding the Perfect Accommodation

Finding the perfect accommodations is important, but what factors to consider really depend on what kind of vacation you are planning and what is important to you and your travel companions. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the hotel it may be worthwhile to invest a little more. You can look at hotel comparison sites like Hotels.com or Booking.com. You can also try Airbnb.com for renting an apartment for short term.

Finding the Best Restaurants for You

Large websites like TripAdvisor.com and Yelp.com often offer numerous reviews for restaurants, so you find the tastiest meal in town. A little bit of research before your trip save you from a meal that could spoil all your fun. These sites also offer feedback on if the meal was worth the price tag, which can help you decide what is worth the splurge.

Making Sure You See it All

Again personal taste takes a leading role here; what kind of vacation are you hoping for? You may want to go to the huge landmarks or you may prefer some activities, maybe you are already staying in a resort and don’t want to leave the beach your entire stay. Sites like Timeout.com can help you see what is happening in the city you are visiting. You may want to catch a concert or other performance while you are away, it is always worth a quick look as Ticketmaster.com. Searching online to see if you can buy tickets to attractions and museums in advance can also save you time waiting on a long line.

With a little bit of planning you can save a lot and still have a fabulous vacation. Remember Torch Browser is super-helpful when doing any sort of online research, especially when you take advantage of our Drag & Drop feature. Found something you like but want to look into it further?  Simply drag it into your favorite search engine. Want to ask your friends opinion? Drag it to your favorite social network.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Understanding Net Neutrality

Posted by Nadine Segal • November 11, 2014 at 03:45 PM

confused baby

Since President Obama made a statement about “net neutrality” yesterday, everyone has been offering their opinion on the subject.

Net neutrality has been an issue for many years but it has become the topic of debate in recent years, as legal action has been taken to try and keep the internet free. The topic can seem a little tricky to understand especially if you haven’t been following the issues until now.

You may have some questions like –

What is net neutrality?

Why are people so concerned about it?

What does the president think about the issue?

Net Neutrality is the convention the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should provide equal access to all online content.

It seems pretty basic, the reason people are getting so worked up over the issue is ISPs want to charge certain content providers to provide visitors with faster connections. This could really harm smaller companies which are unable to afford the costs of preferential treatment from the ISPs. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been fighting the ISPs on the issue to ensure net neutrality.

Yesterday the President weighed in on the issue. You can watch the video below to hear what Obama had to say about the matter:

What do you think? Do you worry about making sure all content on the internet remains accessible?

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Share the Funniest Things Online This Week

Posted by Nadine Segal • November 06, 2014 at 01:31 PM

Laughing Chimps

The internet is never at a shortage for humor, between funny videos on YouTube or hysterical hashtags trending on Twitter. Whenever you find something genuinely funny you naturally want to share the laugh with your friends. Social media is the perfect place to find and share the funniest things online and Torch is the perfect browser to use for sharing. So here are some of the funniest things being shared on social media this week.


Who needs celebrity crushes when you can find great looking people all around you and you can make them famous through Twitter? Take Alex from Target for example. He went to work at Target bagging people’s purchases and with one photo he became famous, well “internet famous”. Not only has Alex been getting lots of love from his online admirers but his fame has inspired other to take a photo of their favorite everyday hottie and post it to Twitter.

Alex from Target


Parents Continue to Steal Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel was at it again last week  when he released his compilation of videos featuring parents who tricked their children into believing they had eaten all of their Halloween candy. This is the fourth year the talk show host has dared parents to prank their kids and as always, the results were a mixture of funny, horrifying and adorable.

Children Dancing to Taylor Swift

The next video also features kids but these are less spoiled and more fun loving. Check out this video of kids dancing to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake it Off”. We know Taylor had a busy week with the release of her insanely successful album but we hope she had a chance to watch this.

Prince’s Keyboard

The website FunnyOrDie had some fun with Prince’s creative spelling amongst other things. They designed a keyboard especially for the musical icon. Prince performed on Saturday Night Live last week, which was hosted by Chris Rock.

Prince's keyboard



Chris Rock’s Monologue

Some found Rock’s opening monologue to be funny and some though it made an important point about comedy, others just found it offensive. Check out the clip and let us know what you thought of it.

Using Torch’s Drag and Drop Feature makes it easy to share on all your favorite social networks.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Everyone is Talking About 1989

Posted by Nadine Segal • October 27, 2014 at 01:24 PM

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts new album 1989 dropped today and and everyone is talking about it.

From Twitter to prime time television, Taylor seems to be everywhere at the moment.

While the album’s official release is today it was leaked two days ago online. Die-hard Taylor Swift aka Swifties vowed not to listen to the leaked version, talk about dedication.

Taylor Swift is known for her A-List besties, like Lorde, Ed Sheeran and Lena Dunham. All of which have been tweeting about 1989’s release. Check out what Lena Dunham had to say:

If you aren’t on Twitter you can catch Taylor on TV this week. She is on Good Morning America and Ellen today, as well as The Voice. The excitement continues on throughout the week ,starting  with her appearance on Letterman tomorrow.

The album has already received many positive reviews and everyone is curious to see if she can repeat the incredible success of her last album Red, which sold 1.23 million copies in just one week.

The music from the album is already inspiring other musicians like Kelly Clarkson, who recently performed her own version of “Shake It Off”.

Check out all of your favorite Taylor Swift songs on Torch Music.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Torrents Take Center Stage

Posted by Nadine Segal • October 08, 2014 at 08:07 AM
Thom Yorke

Jim Dyson/Getty Images

On September 26th Thom Yorke released his second solo album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. The album has already been proclaimed as a huge success for the musician.

You won’t find the album on iTunes or in your local record store. Yorke decided on a whole new route for distributing his latest release, it is only available as a torrent download.

The Radiohead front man first intended the surprise album to be an EP with 3 songs, but instead it became a full length album.

Within 6 days of it’s release the album had over a million downloads. This translates to big payoff for Yorke who receives 90 percent of the sale from each album which is available for $6.

His bold move just may change the way you get your music in the future. People are taking note of Yorke’s choice of distribution, even more than the music on his album.

Most reviews for the album has been positive though not enthusiastic,  people are more excited about the impact this could have in the way big artists sell their music. The move could potentially give more control to artists who want to want to distribute their music independently.

In addition, lots of people are talking about torrents in general and learning about the file types and how they are shared.

If you aren’t ready for all of this technology, Yorke is selling the album on vinyl as well, though you will have to order it from the website.

It will be interesting to see if overtime more artists can match Yorke’s success using torrent downloads.

What do you think? Is Yorke onto the next big thing in music or was this a once off?



Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Torch Music Chart for September 2014

Posted by Nadine Segal • October 02, 2014 at 11:01 AM
Nicki Minaj

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

Every month we look at the top 20 songs on Torch Music. This month the chart had lots of changes, with a brand new song in the top spot.

Check out who Torch Music users were listening to the most this September.

#20 Break Free – Ariana Grande – Ariana is no stranger to the Torch Music Chart but she has a new addition this month.

#19 Just a Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams – Pharrell’s song “Happy” is a regular in the top 5 but he is bringing an extra bit of sunshine to this month’s chart with “Just a Cloud Away”.

#18 Rude – Magic!Magic! appears in the top 20 with their breakout hit “Rude”.

#17 Empire – Shakira – “Empire” fell 8 spots from last month’s chart.

#16 Intro – Ariana Grande – Ariana Grande is making herself know on this month’s chart. On top of her new addition, her song “Intro” is up a spot.

#15 Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson –  “Love Never Felt So Good” seems to be sliding down the top twenty, it went from number 7 to number 13 and now it is at 15

#14 No One – Alicia Keys – No One could have predicted this song from 7 years ago, showing up on the chart.

#13 Counting Stars – One RepublicOne Republic on the other, can always be counted on to be here, though they are down 3 pots.

#12 Problem – Ariana Grande – “Problem” fell one spot from from August.

#11 Loved Me Back To Life – Celine Dion – Last month this Celine Dion song was in the top 3 and now it didn’t make the top 10.

#10 Boyfriend – Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend” is climbing the charts, last month it was at 14 and the month before it was at 17.

#9 Cry – Mariah Carey – Sadly, Mariah Carey’s “Cry” fell two spots.

#8 Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo –  “Talk dirty” slid down a spot…

#7 Wiggle – Jason Derulo – As did Jason Derulo’s other song in the top 20 ” Wiggle”.

#6 Dare (La La La) – Shakira –  “Dare” dropped from 6 to 5, making room for some changes in the top 5.

#5 All of Me – John Legend – “All of Me” shot up the chart from number 15 last month, and made it into the top 5.

#4 Soy el Mismo – Prince Royce – “Soy el Mismo” which hasn’t been on the chart for a while soared straight up to number 4.

#3 Happy – Pharrell Williams – “Happy” is up from number 5 last month.

#2 Can’t Remember to Forget You – Shakira – Shakira was queen of the chart for the last 4 months, but she has been dethroned.

#1 Anaconda – Nicki Minaj – Grabbing the top spot out of nowhere, with her outrageous song and even more outrageous video, is Nicki Minaj.



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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.