Torch Music Chart for May 2014

Posted by Nadine Segal • June 09, 2014 at 02:30 PM

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Find out which artists were most listened to in May with the Torch Music Chart.

For our users who want to see what the other users on Torch are listening to you can also check out the brand new Music Map, which will show you what is being listened to on Torch Music around the world, in real time.

#20 Made in the USA – Demi Lovato –  “Made in the USA” is down 6 spots from last month, but Demi has another hit on the chart this month.

#19 Birthday – Selena Gomez – Selena disappeared from the Torch Music Chart, but she is back with her birthday anthem.

#18 Story of My Life – One Direction – One Direction is down one spot from April.

#17 Rolling in the Deep – Adele – This Adele song is still a favorite on Torch Music.

#16 Boyfriend – Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend” from Justin Bieber was nowhere to be found on the April chart but now it is back exactly where is was on the March chart.

#15 Best Song Ever – One Direction – This is the second One Direction song to fall on the charts this month, last month “Best Song Ever” held the #10 spot.

#14 Vivir Mi Vida – Marc Anthony – Marc Anthony is back on the Music Chart after being gone since January.

#13 Dark Horse – Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” fell from #7, but this is not the only Katy Perry song to make the top 20.

#12 Problem – Ariana Grande – Ariana Grande’s new song featuring Iggy Azalea breaks into the charts this week at #12.

#11 Empire – Shakira – “Empire” fell from #5 last month and didn’t even make it into the top 10. Shakira has another contender on the chart this month.

#10 Counting Stars – One Republic – Starting off the top 10 this month is “Counting Stars” which is up two spots from last month.

#9 Loved Me Back to Life – Celine Dion – This is the first time on The Torch Music Chart for “Loved Me Back to Life” by Celine Dion, starting off right, in the top 10.

#8 Heart Attack – Demi Lovato – “Heart Attack” has been coming and going on the Music Chart, this month it is back.

#7 Dare (La La La) – Shakira – This is one of 3 Shakira songs to make it onto the chart this month and it is up from #15 last month.

#6 Love Never Felt So Good – Michael Jackson – The latest single from the late Michael Jackson featuring Justin Timberlake, debuted at #6.

#5 Wiggle – Jason Derulo – “Wiggle” made a great entrance to the chart this month at #5.

#4 Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo – Torch Music users are loving Jason Derulo, his other song “Talk Dirty” moved up 5 spots from last month.

#3 Roar – Katy Perry – “Roar” is exactly where it was last month at #3.

#2 Happy – Pharrell Williams – Pharrell dropped from the #1 spot, to #2.

#1 Can’t Remember to Forget You – Shakira – The new queen of The Torch Music Chart is Shakira, with 3 songs on the chart and her song “Can’t Remember to Forget You” featuring Rihanna in the top spot.




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Reasons to Love Prince

Posted by Nadine Segal • June 05, 2014 at 01:56 PM

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Prince is a musician and entertainer like no other. There are tons of reasons to love him.

Since today is his 56th birthday, here are a few reasons why you can’t resist this brilliant artist.

#10. He can play a whole lot of instruments. Prince isn’t just a talented pianist and guitarist, he plays nearly every instrument heard on his albums. While the exact number of instruments is unclear, suffice to say he can play more instruments than most.

#9 His unique guitars. Prince may play a lot of instruments but he is known for his one-of-a-kind guitars. His guitars are different shapes and colors.

#8 He got away with changing his name to a symbol. Prince has gone by many names, he was born Prince Rogers Nelson and has been credited by a variety of names but in 1993 he changed his name to a symbol and people referred to him as “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince”.

#7 He has an incredible voice.  No explanation needed for this one, the man can sing.

#6 His style is all his own. Over the years we have all seen Prince dress in many different fashions and they have always been unique.

#5 The songwriting he has done for others. Did you know Prince has written for many other artists, including the song “Manic Monday” which was recorded by the Bangles.

#4 He is always keeping us guessing. Just when you think you know what Prince will do next , he is sure to go ahead and surprise you. He may be a complete mystery to  us but that only makes us love him more.

#3 He is a talented actor. Prince’s acting debut was in the film Purple Rain. He not only starred in the movie but also was responsible for its soundtrack.

#2 He has never been defined by a genre. Prince has always created groundbreaking music with little regard to genre.

#1 For the music he has created as a songwriter, singer, musician and producer. If you need any reminding to the incredible talent that is Prince, check out Prince on Torch Music.

Happy Birthday Prince!

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

What’s New on Torch Games

Posted by Nadine Segal • June 03, 2014 at 08:29 AM

New on Torch Games

If you aren’t playing online with Torch Games now is the time to start.

What’s new on Torch Games?

More Games – Torch Games is happy to bring you more of what we know you love…fun games.

For starters Torch Games now offers you more games to play.

Easily find the games you want to play, with these great new features.

My Favorites – Click on the “My Favorites” tab to see the games that you play the most.

Most Popular – Look at the most played games on Torch Games by clicking on the “Most Popular” tab.

Last Played – Want an easy way to get back to the fun you just played? Simply click on “Last Played” to find the games you most recently played on Torch Games.

Languages – Torch Games is now available in a variety of languages. Choose a language from the drop down menu on the top right corner of the page.

If you are using another browser, download Torch now for more fun.


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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Best Cloud Storage Options

Posted by Nadine Segal • May 26, 2014 at 09:34 AM

Cloud Storage

There are plenty of options out there for cloud storage. To help you navigate through them, here is a look at some of the top choices out there. First things first, what are the important points to consider when deciding on cloud storage.

For starters there is security, especially if you want to keep the data you store private, or if it is irreplaceable. All of the options we have listed below are from reputable providers which is important to note.

You want to look at the accessibility of your data, that you can easily get to it from wherever you are.

The size available to you is also important.

Each of the options we have looked at offer free options for a certain size.  They all also offer paid options for more space.


Dropbox is definitely a favorite for users, with great reasons. With Dropbox you can access your files from everywhere via their website or on the apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and even Kindle Fire. When you start using Dropbox you have 2GB of free storage. You can buy more space or they also have options to earn more space through referrals and other programs.

One Drive

One Drive is the cloud storage service from Microsoft. It is built-in on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 it is accessible via the web or  you can download the app for Windows Phone, Xbox, Android and iOS. It offers 2GB of free storage.


If you have an iOS device you may be using the iCloud storage system without ever paying attention to it. You can access your photo’s from your iOS device that are saved to the cloud from your computer. Upon signing up you receive 5GB of free space.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a simple way to share documents. You can create documents on Google Drive or you can save files to Google Drive. It offers 15GB of free storage, not including the files you created using Google Drive.

Torch users are serious about the internet and using it to connect to extra storage. If you are not browsing with Torch, download it now to see what you’ve been missing.

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Michael Jackson’s New Album Released

Posted by Nadine Segal • May 13, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Michael Jackson

Phil Walter/Getty Images

The King of Pop is back. Michael Jackson has a new album out. The album titled Xscape is Michael’s 2nd posthumous album with new material.

Reviews of the album have been overwhelmingly positive, and Michael Jackson fans were eager to hear new music from MJ.

Xscape offers up previously unreleased tracks by the late star as well as some collaborative work like the song “Love Never Felt so Good” which features Justin Timberlake.

This is Michael Jackson’s 10th studio album as a solo artist. The bigger than life entertainer shot to fame as the youngest member of The Jackson 5, as a solo artist he became a household name around the world. His music videos for songs like “Thriller” and “Beat It” ushered in a new era of  music and television. He tragically passed away On June 5, 2009 at the age of 50, as he was making a comeback and planning his “This Is It” concert series.

You can listen to The King of Pop on Torch Music.

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Best Websites for Moms

Posted by Nadine Segal • May 11, 2014 at 04:06 PM

Mother and daughter with laptop

It is no surprise that moms have one of the toughest jobs out there. So how is it that some moms make it look so easy?

Today’s moms are sharing their trade secrets online. From forums that help moms find support to get them through the though times, to blogs offering tips and tricks to balance it all; the internet has a lot to offer moms.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are some sites that offer inspiration for moms:

For some extra support-

Circle of Moms

This site connects moms from all over so they can help one-another. There are discussions on nearly everything moms need, whether it is balancing motherhood and operating your own business or ideas on what to cook with your kids.

For some comic relief-

Top Humor Blogs

This is a list of funny blogs from Top Mommy Blogs. There are plenty to choose from, you are sure to find at least one that will make you laugh. There are a lot of serious concerns in motherhood, and sometimes you need to balance them with some mommy humor.

For some fitness inspiration-

The Happy Runner

No matter what kind of workout you prefer, there is a blog or website out there to help keep you motivated. One such blog is The Happy Runner, by a runner and mother that is sure to inspire other moms to get out there and run.

For some incredible recipes –

The Pioneer Woman

For the moms out there that love to cook, there are tons of sites out there offering mouth watering recipes. One of our favorites is the pioneer woman.

For some advice for moms-to-be

The Bump

The Bump is a one stop shop for expecting mothers. There is everything from pregnancy advice and info, to shopping tips and baby names.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Wherever you go online, we hope you get there with Torch.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Torch Music Chart for April 2014

Posted by Nadine Segal • May 05, 2014 at 08:11 AM
Pharrell Williams

David Buchan/Getty Images

The Torch Music Charts keeps you in the know on what people are listening to most on Torch Music. Follow which artists are climbing to the top and which are sliding downwards. The chart is decided by the number of plays on Torch Music. Take a look at what our users were listening to this April.

#20 Aura – Lady Gaga – Lady Gaga fell off the chart in March after “Aura” placed at number 6 in February. She just made it back into the top 20 in April.

#19 Soy el Mismo – Prince Royce – Welcome to the Torch Music Chart, Prince Royce.

#18 Phoenix – Fall Out Boy – Another new addition to the Torch Music Chart this month is Fall Out Boy with their song “Phoenix”.

#17 Story of My Life – One Direction – “Story of My Life” fell 6 spots from last month.

#16 Adore You – Miley Cyrus – Last month the Torch Music Chart featured 3 Miley Cyrus songs, this month “Adore You” is the only one to make the chart and it fell from it’s number 5 position last month. Are Torch Music users growing tired of Miley?

#15 Dare (La La La) – Shakira – This is the first time “Dare” by Shakira has been on the Torch Music Chart.

#14 Made In the USA – Demi Lovato – “Made In the USA” didn’t make it onto the chart last month, though it was at number 16 in February.

#13 Just A Cloud Away – Pharrell Williams – “Just a Cloud Away” has shot up the chart from number 20 last month.

#12 Counting Stars – One Republic – “Counting  Stars” is down two places from number 10 last month.

#11 Rolling in the Deep – Adele – “Rolling in the Deep” was at number 7 last month, but the fact that this song is still so popular 3 years after its release seems like enough of an accomplishment.

#10 Best Song Ever – One Direction – “Best Song Ever” is down from the number 4 spot in March. Don’t worry 1D fans it is still in the top 10.

#9 Talk Dirty – Jason Derulo – “Talk Dirty” is down 3 spots from last month but things aren’t all bad for Jason Derulo.

#8 Other Side – Jason Derulo – “Other Side” is up from number 19 last month, it is the biggest jump on the chart this month.

#7 Dark Horse – Katy Perry – “Dark Horse” was number 3 last month and fell to number 7 this month.

#6 Wake Me Up – Avicii – “Wake Me Up” is up 9 spots from last month.

#5 Empire – Shakira – The first song in the top 5 this month is new to the chart, but “Empire” isn’t Shakira’s only song to jump into the top 5 this month.

#4 Heart Attack – Demi Lovato – “Heart Attack” was at number 3 in February then it fell off the chart in March, now it is back at number 4.

#3 Roar – Katy Perry – The long reigning queen of the Torch Music Chart has fallen from the top spot to be beat out by not one but two songs this month.

#2 Can’t Remember to Forget You – Shakira – Shakira’s second song to jump into the top 5 this month. This one features Rhianna.

#1 Happy – Pharrell Williams – Pharrell’s anthem for happiness has beat out the rest this month after months in the number 2 spot.

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Top Reasons to Love Torch

Posted by Nadine Segal • May 01, 2014 at 01:39 PM

Download Faster

There are so many reasons to love Torch Browser, after all Torch offers users everything they need to get the most out of the web. Deciding on the top 10 reasons to love Torch was hard because there are just so many to choose from.

#10 – The Share Button

Here at Torch we love the internet, we love finding out about new, interesting or funny things online and telling all of our friends – in just one click. The Share Button  makes sharing quick and easy so you have more time to enjoy the internet and that is just the tip of the iceberg, there are 9 more reasons to love Torch.

#9 – Download Accelerator

Who likes wasting time waiting for downloads to finish? Maybe people who use other browsers, but not Torch users. With the download accelerator download speed is super fast with Torch.

#8 – Drag & Drop –

Highlight, Copy, Open New Tab, Type URL, Paste, Search….Why do all this when you can simply Drag & Drop with Torch.

#7 – Torch Torrent

With Torch you have everything you need to get the most out of the web in one convenient browser, this includes our built-in torrent downloader, Torch Torrent.

#6 – Torch Games

If you enjoy playing games online, you don’t have to look any further than Torch Browser. Torch Games offers you a variety of fun games, no downloading and no waiting.

#5 – Torch Music

Torch Music brings you all the music you love and it is built-in to your favorite browser.

#4 – Facelift

Our users are in love with our Facelift feature which allows you to customize your Facebook  in all sorts of fun ways.

#3 – Media Grabber

Probably the most popular Torch feature, the Media Grabber lets you download the media from any page effortlessly. As a bonus, our audio extractor will download the audio from the video in a separate file.

#2 – Speed –

Torch prides itself on its speed. Torch is a super fast web browser.

#1 – The Community of Users

Of course the number one reason to love Torch is that Torch Browser has by far the best users around. Torch users are always there to offer us great new ideas to help make the browser even better.

Why do you love Torch?



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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Have Selfies Gone Too Far?

Posted by Nadine Segal • April 17, 2014 at 09:08 AM

Woman taking selfie

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Lately selfies have been everywhere and people have felt the need to up the ante when it comes to the hashtags. The trends have become more and more disturbing. The selfie has gone from fun pics when traveling, hanging with friends, or at a big event – to some really inappropriate scenarios. How inappropriate you might ask well here are the worst of the worst.


Being proud of breaking the law is definitely not a good sign. Getting pulled over is not fun and I certainly don’t understand why anyone would want to commemorate the event with a selfie.



“There is a time and a place for everything” has seemingly gone out the window with this latest selfie trend. If you are unlucky enough to find yourself in close proximity to an actual disaster and are unable to help the situation the thing to do is get out of the way of the people who are helping.


I don’t really need to explain what is wrong with this, do I? I mean really, some things can be kept private.

If you need a little more convincing, here is what happened when one person tried to take a selfie too close next to a moving train.

Do you think that these selfie trends have gone too far?

Nadine Segal

About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.

Artists to Check Out this Week

Posted by Nadine Segal • April 14, 2014 at 06:37 AM

When we ask our users what they love most about Torch Music, we often here that they love how easy it is to find all of their favorite music in one place. Torch Music has everything from the older classics to newer up and coming artists. If you are looking to broaden your musical horizons this week we have a few suggestions to get you started.

Sam Smith 

Sam Smith

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

You may have heard of Sam Smith when he was featured on the Disclosure song “Latch” or on Naughty Boy’s “La La La”. His debut album In the Lonely Hour is set to drop this May and singles from the album “Money on My Mind” and “Stay With Me” are making a name for the artist. We expect to be hearing a lot more from this British singer.

Check out Sam Smith on Torch Music.

The 1975

The 1975

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

The 1975 first made it onto the radio in the UK with the song “The City” off their first EP,  Facedown. The band went on to release 3 more EP’s before releasing their self-titled studio album, in September of 2013. Their latest single is entitled “Settle Down”. Listen to it now on Torch Music.

Check out The 1975 on Torch Music




Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Lo-Fang or Matthew Hemerlein is a talented musician who can list teenage pop sensation Lorde as one of his biggest fans, and he opened for her on her latest tour. He grew up in Maryland but has found inspiration for his music traveling the world. His debut album Blue Film came out in February.

Check out Lo-Fang on Torch Music

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About Nadine Segal

I am interested in technology, music and the web. I write about the latest tech news focused on the internet and online tools.