Everyone is Talking About 1989

Posted by Nadine Segal • October 27, 2014 at 01:24 PM

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swifts new album 1989 dropped today and and everyone is talking about it.

From Twitter to prime time television, Taylor seems to be everywhere at the moment.

While the album’s official release is today it was leaked two days ago online. Die-hard Taylor Swift aka Swifties vowed not to listen to the leaked version, talk about dedication.

Taylor Swift is known for her A-List besties, like Lorde, Ed Sheeran and Lena Dunham. All of which have been tweeting about 1989’s release. Check out what Lena Dunham had to say:

If you aren’t on Twitter you can catch Taylor on TV this week. She is on Good Morning America and Ellen today, as well as The Voice. The excitement continues on throughout the week ,starting  with her appearance on Letterman tomorrow.

The album has already received many positive reviews and everyone is curious to see if she can repeat the incredible success of her last album Red, which sold 1.23 million copies in just one week.

The music from the album is already inspiring other musicians like Kelly Clarkson, who recently performed her own version of “Shake It Off”.

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