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Posted by Nadine Segal • August 20, 2014 at 02:21 PM

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We pay our bills online and look for love online, we even go grocery shopping online, so why not learn to cook online?

Looking at complicated recipes can be daunting, especially if you don’t have experience in the kitchen, but even beginners can find great recipes online.

If you want to try something new, below are some perfect sites for beginners:


The Kitchn is a great place to get started. The website offers tons of easy to follow recipes. There How-To section is particularly useful for learning the basics like to properly boil an egg. There recipes are always well explained and never assume that you know any cooking terms or techniques.


One of the most popular cooking websites out there, Epicurious offers recipes for nearly everything. They have a section on their site dedicated to Quick & Easy Recipes. This is a great place to find recipes that have few ingredients and don’t take too much effort or expertise.


Sometimes it is easier to watch and learn, for that there is YouTube. Now a days you can find a video on YouTube to demonstrate everything from tying a tie to defeating a video game. There are so many different types of cooking videos on YouTube, you can learn to do nearly anything. If you are looking for inspiration there are some really fun cooking channels, like The Simple Cooking Channel.


If you are confused about some basic cooking terms, Lifehacker is there to explain some of the most frequently misunderstood terms.

There are of course tons of recipes and tips available for learning more advanced cooking skills.

Finding and sharing all types of recipes is easier than ever. Users on social media often share photos of their culinary accomplishments along with the recipes.

Torch users can share recipes (along with anything else online) with just one click, using Torch’s Share button.

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