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Posted by Nadine Segal • August 28, 2014 at 12:13 PM


Students spend a lot of time on their computers. Whether they are working on their papers or keeping in touch with family and friends on social networks, computers are a huge part of their lives, as is the internet.

Torch Browser is the perfect fit for students. Everything that a student needs to get the most out of their time online is already built in to the web browser.

Probably the most useful feature for students is the Drag & Drop feature. Drag & Drop is great for making sure you make the most of your online research time. When you come across something you need to look up just highlight the text and drag it to the search tile of your choosing.

Students can also use the Drag & Drop feature to easily translate text they come across when doing online research.

Torch Music can help keep your study sessions going. If you like to study with music, which most of us do, Torch Music is the perfect solution. You can control all of your music straight from your browser. You cant start, stop or skip songs from any browser tab and with the massive selection of music available on Torch Music, it is sure to keep you going.

To get you started, listen to our Class Act Playlist.

If you are a student using Torch Browser, tell us what you love most about Torch.

If you aren’t using Torch yet, download it on your computer and discover a better way to browse the internet.

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