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Posted by Nadine Segal • October 08, 2014 at 08:07 AM
Thom Yorke

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On September 26th Thom Yorke released his second solo album Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes. The album has already been proclaimed as a huge success for the musician.

You won’t find the album on iTunes or in your local record store. Yorke decided on a whole new route for distributing his latest release, it is only available as a torrent download.

The Radiohead front man first intended the surprise album to be an EP with 3 songs, but instead it became a full length album.

Within 6 days of it’s release the album had over a million downloads. This translates to big payoff for Yorke who receives 90 percent of the sale from each album which is available for $6.

His bold move just may change the way you get your music in the future. People are taking note of Yorke’s choice of distribution, even more than the music on his album.

Most reviews for the album has been positive though not enthusiastic,  people are more excited about the impact this could have in the way big artists sell their music. The move could potentially give more control to artists who want to want to distribute their music independently.

In addition, lots of people are talking about torrents in general and learning about the file types and how they are shared.

If you aren’t ready for all of this technology, Yorke is selling the album on vinyl as well, though you will have to order it from the website.

It will be interesting to see if overtime more artists can match Yorke’s success using torrent downloads.

What do you think? Is Yorke onto the next big thing in music or was this a once off?



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